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Since 1988, OGD ict-diensten empowers organizations to be more effective and future-ready by making IT accessible and allowing people to enjoy their work to the fullest.

With 5 offices across the Netherlands and  international partners, OGD  delivers cutting-edge technologies to clients locally and internationally. As one of the largest Dutch full-service IT providers, we offer a wide range of services: from delivering an effective online workplace to acting as your strategic IT partner for the entire organization. By devising, building and managing solutions, we enable your organization to grow with your needs and ambitions, making sure the technology works for you.


Customer-centric approach to IT

With head and heart - eXperience first
OGD customer-centric approach

In order to provide high-quality IT solutions and services, we seek to understand each customer’s specific needs and context. Through exhaustive analysis of your business processes and user requirements, we build solutions that are specifically designed to address the unique requirements of your organization. We make sure your IT strategy is aligned with the organization’s goals and processes.

Our vast experience in IT enables us to deliver high-quality, future-proof solutions that are adept to increasing volumes of data, users, transactions, and operations as to accommodate evolving business requirements.

Combined with our customer-centric approach, expertise in various sectors and exceptional customer service, these solutions tackle daily IT related and organizational challenges on all levels – from reception to the boardroom.

We strongly believe that customer experience comes first. That is why, next to the standard Service Level Agreements, we employ XLAs which allows us to measure both the general satisfaction as well as more quantifiable outcomes. We define goals from an end-user's perspective and focus on the outcome and customer satisfaction to make a tangible impact on customer experiences.


OGDer 8

Servicedesk, on-site support & endpoint Management for EMEA Region for Omron Europe B.V.

As an existing staffing client, Omron approached OGD to manage the EMEA servicedesk and endpoint management for the Omron workplaces. With the key challenge of delivering both national and international local on-site support for multiple offices across Europe.

After a speedy and smooth migration of the Omron servicedesk, OGD now supports the whole EMEA region from the central location in the Netherlands. In order to facilitate specific requirements of servicedesk support in France and Germany, OGD provides on-site support in collaboration with local partners. Thereby, all the handling is done in the local language to further cater to the unique needs of given locations. All the while, all the processes run smoothly, the functionality of workplace devices is maintained and made more secure thanks to the endpoint management.

Given the effective migration and efficient EMEA servicedesk arrangement, that focuses on the needs of local offices, Omron has realized a cost savings through reduced response time and higher efficiency. The improved functionality has further resulted in a 10% decline in the number of tickets.

Moreover, OGD has become a trusted advisor for all of Omron’s ICT-related matters. Given OGD’s broad experience and full-service approach to IT, Omron is focused on servicing its clients and not the technique. To further facilitate the end-users, OGD has run a productivity & collaboration program in order to boost the end users’ utilization of technology and means regarding the Omron workplaces. work.


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